Monday, 7 November 2011


I Met Mehdi Zand !!

Hi everyone i thought i would have a try at blogging since it seems to be all the rage at the moment. Over the past year i have been hearing my younger brother talk about martial arts and this new system called Sef shin. Some of you may know of it already and the story behind it but when he told me how it all started i couldnt help but listen It seems it is  a martial art that mixes Chinese and Japanese styles and also its heavily influenced by a philosophical book about how gods came to exist written by the grand master himself, Mehdi Zand – have you ever heard of a martial art influenced by a book about gods?

my brother is now a private student of Sefshin and since he started his private tuition i began to hear more about master Zand and his martial arts achievements (which can be seen on his website here

He recently received the Chinese medal of dragon which seems to be a high accomplishment so i thought i should finally meet the man who was influencing my brother so I bought his first two books The Emergence of the Gods and The Prophecy Fulfilled, it is an interesting book and a great read. I was introduced to him once my brother had passed his first grading. Mehdi Zand was surprisingly very open when, we spoke and he told me about his hardship and how certain people tried to prevent him from writing his book the Exordium and spreading Sef shin and his philosophy which he believes is going to have a positive impact to the world. Personally i couldn’t understand why they acted so cheaply but it doesn’t matter because he managed to get through the difficult time and now even I’ve heard of sef shin (I’m even thinking of joining once i finish my first year at uni!!) and I’m a person who has never been interested in martial arts before so this is saying something!!

its excellent that my brother has finally found a person to look up to and respect and i hope that he learns well and becomes great thanks to Mehdi Zand. I also saw a quick demonstration from the master himself and it was unbelievable.... it was so fast he had to show it a few times so i could see what happened!!

search his name on Google for various bits of info and check his site too it’s pretty cool he said a new site and a new book would be coming soon which talks more about his philosophy so be on the lookout!!